The Robert N. Chang scholarship helps students succeed

The fellowship impacts SJCC students’ lives

The Robert N. Chang scholarship ceremony was held on SJCC campus on April 27

Robert N. Chang Foundation Scholarship was introduced to the college in a ceremony on April 27.

The scholarship is to help the younger generation and young adults to succeed in their education and transfer to four-year universities.

Sam Ho, director of Communications, Community Relations & Diversity in the Chancellor’s Office, said that the Robert N. Chang Foundation has helped 130 students in the past 20 years with a significant amount of money.

“It has helped many students go on with their education and helped impact our students’ lives,” Ho said. “It has given students chances to go on to four-year universities and have education because education is the key to so many doors in the future.”

Ho reflected on life and the importance of the scholarship.

“In life as we get older every day that we go through, we have one less day to live on earth. Only once do we have an opportunity to serve others through education,” Ho said. “I think providing someone education is very important because you can help them become future leaders in our communities and help provide for their families.”

Two other representatives of the scholarship, James Chen and Vincent Chang, also talked about the scholarship and its benefits.

“The scholarship is to help students who deserve it and students in need, and the foundation has been with the school for 20 years helping students,” James said.

James also talks about what it means to him.

“I think having a tough period going through college and realizing there is someone out there who believes in you, someone outside of your family, someone who doesn’t even know you believes in you, that you can be successful, is actually inspiring,” James said.

Another representative of the scholarship was Vincent, who talked about how they are going to help students be successful.

“This is our community. My hope is that everyone should care about each other. The welfare of other people is the welfare of the community and the welfare for your own life, and it’s my belief,” Vincent said. “Being able to provide this scholarship and to be a part of this event is really inspiring. Hearing stories of people’s struggles and the belief they had in themselves and carrying themselves through it, I’m really inspired by that.”

Vincent thanked people who helped with this scholarship.

“This scholarship would not be possible without so many people who know the students, as well the people who put the word out about the scholarship and make sure that all the materials are there,” Vincent said. “We have accumulated this huge network of connections with students.”