Dismantling Transphobia in the Latinx Community (event preview)

Part 2 of the series

The Latino Community Foundation offers a range of events that revolve around the Latino culture. An event will be held October 1 at noon that will discuss transphobia in the workplace and how to dismantle it. This is the second part of the event Dismantling transphobia in the latinx community. Speakers Adi Mendiola Barreto, Josh Torres and Carlos Aguilar will be attendees of the event.

“I’m mainly feeling excited, I’m so happy that people are signing up and are curious about ways to have more inclusive work spaces for trans people, Adi Barreto said. “I would love to just give a reminder that I’m just one trans person out of thousands. I’ll be sharing my experience, but there, of course, will be outliers. Not every trans person has the same lived experience.”

The Latinx community held a virtual event where they discussed dismantling transphobia Sept. 23. The event was free to attend and sponsored by Twilio, a communications platform which is an API for messaging, voice, video and authentication.

Activists Isa Noyola and Maritza Martinez spoke on understanding transphobia and how to nonconform to the ways of it.

“I think this discussion is personal for me, being a translatina, and my experience has been very much tied to culture and history and family and to me these discussions are discussions and topics that I’m having with my family for many many years. And so it’s an ongoing conversation, and so I’m excited to have this conversation be rooted in the context of latinx,” said Isa Noyola, a national leader of the LGBTQ immigrants right movement.

Maritza Martinez also spoke at the event. She is the executive director of Somos Familia, does a wide range of volunteer work for the LGBTQ community to create a welcoming space for all. She identifies as a gay latina and works as a nonprofit leader for many organizations.

Carlos Aguilar attended the event as a speaker. He is the chief content director at ChangeLawyers. He is an advocate for all colors and their own way of living.

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