Numbers are low for transferring up

Jerica Lowman

There was an increase in the number of student applications to the University of California system compared to student applications to California State Universities.

“Our numbers for the CSU are fairly steady, and they’ve kind of decreased a little bit because we no longer have a transfer admission agreement with San Jose State, San Francisco State and East Bay,” said Doriann Tran, director of the Transfer Center.

A transfer agreement is an officially approved agreement that matches coursework between a university and a community college.

When the school becomes increasingly impacted, it forces them to cut these types of programs.

With so many students preparing to transfer fall 2012, Carol Vasquez, student retention assistant, said students planning to transfer in the next couple of years should make sure they are meeting the requirements universities are asking for, especially since they change every year.

“Create a two-year plan or transfer plan with a counselor,” Vasquez said. “Follow that plan and, if you need a revision, you need to meet with your counselor.”

When applying to a university, students should prepare for the process ahead of time.

“Always have the next semesters planned out in your head,” said Katherine Jackman, 20, English literature major.

Patrick Loera, 33, English major, agrees that students should not procrastinate with their applications.

“Treat the application process like you would treat a research paper,” Loera said. “Students can’t wait until the last minute and do it all on the last day.”

Tran advises students to be involved in the events the Transfer Center offers.

“Some of the students that come in, we’ve never seen them until the day they apply,” Tran said.

The Transfer Center is located on the second floor of the Student Center and assists students in transitioning from a community college to a university.

Vasquez said the center also offers workshops for financial aid advice and applications to help make sure students are filling them out correctly.

“We’d like to see them (students) more often before they apply, so it gives them more time to participate in the events, like bus tours,” Tran said.  “And they can keep their options open for the schools they want to apply to.”

For students who are transferring, remembering why they are attending school and what they want to achieve during their time at San Jose City College is just as important as their final destination.

“When you think about the end goal, about where you want to go and what you want to be,” Loera said, “it’s inspiring.”