Easy steps to make your own music

Expression made simple


Producing your own music can be a great way to express ideas, release emotions and get in touch with your creative side.

With today’s technology, music production can be done easily and inexpensively.

You don’t need access to a studio to create quality music. It can be done by yourself using a laptop computer and your imagination.


The foundation of any composition is the beat. Drum loops can be downloaded or created easily using online resources.

Drumbit is an online drum machine that is very easy and straightforward to use even for those who are not musically inclined. This application can be accessed by typing drumbit.app into any web browser.

Drumbit offers the ability to create loops online for free. There are 20 different kits available, tailored toward the style of music you wish to create.

Once you have created your loop, it can be saved to a .wav file, which can be utilized by any audio editing software.


Audacity is a free, open source, multi-track digital audio workstation. With Audactiy you can import, record, layer and edit audio files to create a composition.

Recording audio can be done by simply using the microphone on your computer or smartphone. If a higher quality of audio is desired, one can purchase a dedicated microphone for an affordable price.


If you decide to introduce instruments to your arrangements, an electronic keyboard is the most versatile composition device available. The guitar is a popular choice as well because of the expansive variety of sounds that can be generated from the instrument.

You can try out these instruments at any local musical equipment retailer. You will be able to find something that meets your budget and needs.

Creating music is a great way to express yourself and have hours of fun doing so. Anyone can do it and the possibilities are endless.