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Remaining vigilant

To continue low theft trend.

Daryl Von Dunker, Times Staff

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Crime on campus is low but when it does occur it can cost your money, time, effort and personal data – leaving you wide-open to identity theft.

“There were a total of 10 thefts that occurred between Sept. 1, 2015, and Nov. 10, 2016, which involved cell phones, computers and iPads at San Jose City College,” District police sergeant Norma Chappell said.

Chappell reported that one cellphone was stolen on SJCC campus.

Cell phones can carry your entire life on them: contacts, direct access to your emails, social media and even to your bank accounts.

Therefore, it is extremely important to maintain vigilance in order to prevent this kind of theft.

Students play a role in limiting these types of thefts by remaining vigilant.

Your phones locking mechanism is key since a thief must recover the PIN code to bypass the mechanism.

Beyond protecting yourself, help each other by keeping your eyes open and by reporting suspicious activity to campus police.

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Remaining vigilant