SJCC softball takes tough 9-1 loss to San Mateo

The Jaguars have lost three out of the last four games

SJCC Lady Jaguar No. 11 Melissa Felix, makes a run at the Softball Field against San Mateo College Bulldogs on April 14.

It was a difficult outing for the softball players of San Jose City College as they took on the San Mateo College Bulldogs on April 14.

Both teams had a slow start and traded runs during the first inning, followed by a mutually scoreless second inning.

However, the deadlock did not last, as Bulldogs pitcher Tori Valdez quickly blew the game wide open with a 4-run grand slam in the third. This precipitated an inning that ended with eight runs unanswered by the Jaguars for the Bulldogs to sprint ahead with a 9-1 lead, which would remain the score all the way to the end of the game.

“Once that girl hit the grand slam (…) we could already feel that we were going downhill after that,” said Jaguars right-fielder Maryssa Sarinana.

Despite the deficit, Jaguars players were still noticeably playing with energy, bolstered by a constant stream of supportive cheers from their teammates.

“I wouldn’t be able to do this without them. [My teammates] definitely play a hugely significant role in keeping me going and keeping me in check,” said Jaguars catcher Isabella Giambruno when asked about the support she receives from her teammates.

Giambruno also isn’t letting the defeat weigh her down.

“You gotta keep going. You’ve got to move forward. You can’t stay in the past,” she expressed.

Jaguars pitcher Gabby Jordan, who is transferring to Appalachian State next semester in pursuit of being an EMT, said she is committed to staying focused on her team for the rest of their season.

“All my friends are on this team. So I feel like I have a good time with them,” said Jordan. “And this being my last year, I’m just trying to make it my best year that I can have and make a lot of great memories.”