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Photo By Benjamin Castro

Photo By Benjamin Castro

Benjamin Castro

Benjamin Castro

Photo By Benjamin Castro

Reginald Webb, Times Staff

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The clear choice for President of the United States is Hillary Clinton.  Having been the First Lady, she has an intimate knowledge of what being the President means to the nation and to the world. Serving as Secretary of State and a Senator makes her one of the most uniquely qualified candidates for President ever.

The experience alone regarding the Clintons should be enough of a consideration to make Hillary the obvious choice when contrasted with Donald Trump. The notion that Donald Trump brings special skills to the table as a billionaire businessman is the question we need to ask ourselves.  Has it been vetted that Trump is a superior mind when it comes to business? What is so appealing about Trump? Is it enough to ignore his offensive behavior and comments regarding minorities and women?

Trump has tapped into a narrative all Americans relate to.  Globalization and its impact on American life has provided Trump a pathway for his fiery rhetoric on the outsourcing of American jobs, trade imbalances, and illegal immigration to compete for the White House. These issues resonate in America beyond simply those with a racial bias or animosity toward others and Trump would be an even more formidable opponent if not for his offensive acts and name-calling.

Clinton’s inability to appeal to younger voters and its impact on the outcome of the election is very troubling.  It potentially can halt a lot of progressive reform in a future Clinton term as well as a tie-breaking vote in the Supreme Court.  The reality is the millennial rejection of the Hillary Clinton candidacy is a lack of understanding, Instigated by a right wing vendetta and hostility toward the Clintons.

Bernie Sanders effectively used all the casted doubt and misconception to articulate a narrative that resonates with the young and progressive.

. The fundamental problem here is the bad deeds are fiction not fact. Millennials fail to understand the historical significance the Clintons have with regard to the resurgence of the Democratic Party.

President Clinton exposed the failure of trickle-down economics.  Fiscal discipline and targeted tax increases at the top in exchange for targeted investment in the middle class allowed Clinton to preside over the single most economically expansive 8 years ever in the history of the United States. These were the years of balanced budgets and paying down the debt of Reagan and Bush Sr.

Millennials were not born yet so they are unaware Clinton was a prodigious pioneering politician who created the town hall meeting. Armed with a lot of knowledge and Southern charm, Bill Clinton easily gained the overwhelming support of young people by being able to respond to any questions raised, particularly regarding college- oriented challenges like rising costs, loans and financial aid, and career choices. He was the first to use other media platforms like Saturday Night Live and MTV to appeal to young voters.

The Clinton -Gore ticket ushered in a more bottom up approach to public policy focusing on middle class families. 1992 was “the year of the woman”. More women were sent to congress in that election than any prior and Hillary Clinton was poised to head the effort to pass a universal health care bill. She was fundamentally changing the role of First Lady. Meanwhile, there was  a large scale effort to destroy the Clintons. Right wing elitist loathed Hillary as a feminist and President Clinton was seen as a small time southern governor way out of his league and too naive to be Commander and Chief.

Today the Clintons are perceived as elitist, self-interested, and greedy by their critics. They have earned a lot of money since leaving the White House in debt due to legal bills. This has caused a lot of resentment and innuendo from the right despite all the money folks on the right have made writing books about the Clintons.

The mood and the electoral map factored heavily in the limited attention Hillary Clinton gave millennial voters. For millennials YouTube videos might be the only way to see the Clintons as a young ambitious couple who were upwardly mobile due to their merit having come from middle class to low income backgrounds respectively. Like the Obamas, young people would identify more with the Clintons as examples of what can be attained in America like it did in 1992.

Also, nothing positive has been put forward about the Clinton Foundation despite the prolific amount of money it raises to support a myriad of humanitarian causes throughout the world. Critics suggest they are too cozy with foreign donors who are corrupt. The Clintons believe the work the foundation does is a good way to spend their money even if these folks are not completely ethical.

We should consider the connections the Clintons have worldwide with a lot of influential people, The stature and the experience they have, having already been in the White House, should be attractive to voters.

Finally, the symbolism of a woman as President of The United States will be good for a world where women are so oppressed worldwide. The need to better protect the most vulnerable in the world, women and children, will benefit immensely from a female American President advocating and spreading a message of gender equality and more rights for those marginalized in the world.


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