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The international students club made 300 cookies for Halloween sale

They showed their Halloween spirit.

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The international students club made 300 cookies for Halloween sale

Maggie Zou

Maggie Zou

Maggie Zou

Maggie Zou, Times Staff

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It is the holiday season of the year! The international club members sold cookies on the campus to celebrate Halloween. In order to fit the theme of Halloween, members put on costumes as well.

Last semester they sold hot dogs, this year the new president Ivy Vo decided to make some changes. Club members sold four flavors of cookies and pumpkin strudel this semester.

Vo said, last semester the club earned more than $300 from the fundraising.

“This is one of the most important events of our club,” Vo said, “we actually do a fundraising every semester to earn money, some will be donated and the rest will be used for the club events like the movie night.”

Besides the fundraising, the Vice President of the International students club, Lo Tran had a pumpkin carving activity at the campus. He had purchased pumpkins from the supermarket; the Language Art Communication club also donated some pumpkins for him.

Tran told everyone who took part in the carving activity some pumpkins were purchased at $2.50; the profit would be used for charity. Participants decided how much they want to donate. If the participants decide to pay $3.50 for their pumpkins, they will be donating $1.00 for charity.

“The purpose of pumpkins carving is letting people know about the Halloween culture,” Tran said, “some of the students may have never carved pumpkins before.”

This event also brought club members more closely.

“Even though we failed with baking several times during the preparation, we still had fun and a good time,” said Hami Chan, 21, cosmetology major, a freshman international student. “I haven’t had a good time with so many people in 9 months. I’m so happy to be a part of the International Club. I hope in the future we will be closer.”

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The international students club made 300 cookies for Halloween sale