Opinion:The Crisis of Syrian Refugees

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Seus Ramirez

Contributing Writer

[media-credit id=1 align=”alignnone” width=”960″]Refugees 3[/media-credit]The crisis of Syrian refugees has the world divided. Foreign governments feel powerless because they cannot offer solutions that will not affect their own citizens.  Accommodating millions of refugees in stable and safe conditions uses lots of financial resources. The objective is to integrate immigrants and stop Syrians from crossing the Mediterranean Sea in unsafe ways. This can be really dangerous and many times can cost their lives. Governments are alarmed by families dying everyday because of this unresolved problem. Governments need to come up with plans to keep Syrians from coming in unsafe ways. But countries around the world should also find ways to open their borders to stop more Syrians from dying. First off, ISIS groups needs to be eliminated and we need to send a strong message and punish anyone who carries out terrorist attacks.

This plan still includes helping Syrians refugees to come back to their country and help them take their country back from Islamic extremes. On the other hand the Russia, want to help eliminate ISIS but their plan is aggressive and instead of helping it is killing innocent people. Russia’s plan is to bomb places where they think ISIS may have shelters and places where they keep ammunition. The bombing has destroyed hospitals and killed innocent people that still live in Syria. This hostile plan has damaged Syria more than helping it. It needs to be stopped.


The suggestion of many countries was to let refugees come into their countries. However, they are still in fear after the attacks in Belgium and France. In the U.S the reason attack in San Bernardino CA now has the majority of citizens refusing to allow Syrians to step on to American soil. As a result xenophobia is among their citizen. This makes it hard for people that want to help, and they keep putting plans on hold. If U.S and European countries help refugees they are also putting their own economy at stake. The well-being of their citizens relies on their economy and they will not want to be jeopardizing the safety of their own citizens. That’s why it is difficult to make a decision that could backfire and why not everyone agrees on allowing Syrians to immigrate. Therefore, if the plan doesn’t eliminate ISIS the people will continue to be in fear.

Fighting to terrorist groups is not going to be easy because it is hard to target a specific individual or location to attack. This is due to the way ISIS works. The problem is that ISIS is brain washing young minds to act in terrorist attacks around the world. They are sacrificing their own lives by blowing themselves up. This act can be hard to target or predict when or where the next attack will happen. However, this is a serious problem and needs to be contained. What we are facing today is more serious because all the sophisticated technology and weapons that we have created to attack our enemies is also available to ISIS. We now realize the dilemma and the scale of the problem that Syrian families are experiencing and how dangerous this can be for them.

Because people are still stuck in Syria for lack of financial resources, they cannot leave and they continue living in the middle of this war zone. Therefore, we need to help them and let our governments know the position we support and to act for solutions. We can help supporting the laws that allow refugees to enter our countries and to speak our voices to our leaders.  If you can do that you can influence others too be part of the movement and change their xenophobic perceptions towards the refugees. Let us remember that those families are behind European borders, hopeless and in need of our help. This has moved me so much because when I came to this country I had similar experience. They were not exactly the same circumstances, but it was enough for me to related to the Syrian refugees.

In my experience when I applied for Asylum to this country, the process was difficult. It took a long time Because of the long list of requirements that seemed impossible to obtain. The interview and test I went through made me feel hostile. Immigration employees were rude and I felt they needed more moral and ethics education. So I can imagine the circumstance Syrian refugees are going through due to their situation and the xenophobia that has targeted them, all of which can be even more difficult than mine.

Not everyone will agreed with my opinions, but we should all respect others people‘s points of view because what they are simply doing is looking out for what is best to protect their families and countries. After the numerous   terrorist attacks that have happened around the world, I still believe the Syrians refugees should be protected and safe without any religious discrimination. My opinion maybe different than others but I hope it is reflected in this paper because I strongly believe that there are bad people but I also know that we should not let our fears prevent us from doing the right thing. I don’t judge people who oppose my beliefs because I know it is difficult to open our borders without knowing who is coming in or what kind of problems they are bringing. I suggest we treat refugees as if we were in their shoes instead of as criminals. We should be welcoming them because once we were immigrants coming to this country escaping from persecution or danger. Refugees today are exactly doing the same and we should remember what made this country the country it is now.