The student government is spending your money and you should have a say how

The student government is spending your money and you should have a say how

You can take part in

spending your money

By Jonathan Calamateos



Did you know that the Associated Student Government is spending your money? Most importantly, do you even remember giving the ASG any of your hard earned cash? Most of the money that the ASG spends comes from the activities fee paid by the students. This fee is optional, yet most students pay it off without asking questions.

The activity fee is currently $5 although recently the ASG has been talking about increasing the fee.

One option was to split the current amount into $3 for activities, $1 to the ASG, and $1 to the Student Senate for California Community Colleges for advocating.

Many students may not be aware that they can decide what their money is spent on. Students can even put events together at San Jose City College. “The more events the better, the ASG has money to spend” said Elizabeth Eckford, former interim student life advisor.

“I’d love to see the students be more involved with our spending and could defiantly use the help” said Sia Saquee, ASG interim president.

One thing you can do is go to one of the ASG’s meetings, which is held every Wednesday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

If you have any concerns you may speak in the ASG public comment section. You can also request to be heard at the next meeting. Another thing you can do is put together an event. To start the process of creating an event, you’ll have to write a budget, what will be needed, dates and times. You then would present it to the ASG during their posted office hours.

The A.S.G. is located in the Student Center, behind the info desk.

SJCC is missing events and communication! Well, guess what! You and I can change that. Just taking time to understand what is possible and taking initiative will go a long way.