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When you are new on campus, it may be nice to receive some helpful hints or friendly advice to make your life here a bit easier.

After almost 18 years of no school before coming to college it was completely overwhelming. I remember wishing there was a secret to do list to act as a guide. Luckily, you will not have to l worry because one has been created to help you at SJCC.

Financial Aid

Try your very best to not get frustrated with financial aid; the financial aid staff are probably frustrated themselves dealing with thousands of students. This is one of those times you should remember that patience is a virtue.


If you seem to be having trouble online with finding and choosing classes, don’t give up; simply just go see a counselor, even during walk- in hours, they are all extremely nice and can quickly answer any problem you may have.


When it comes to buying books, the price of some may be jaw dropping, but again don’t let this discourage you. There are many little tricks to help, so you have that book in class.

Of course there is the bookstore or Amazon, which you can normally find good cheap prices on used textbooks. Also you can always borrow the book from the library for about two hours.

Finally in a worst case scenario, you can hope that someone in your class is kind enough to share.

There should be no reason why you show up for class without the required textbook.

Don’t get lost

Don’t let yourself get lost either, just ask a fellow student for help. You will find most people are fairly pleasant and can lead you in the right direction or just simply use the map on page 4 and 5. Most importantly, welcome to San Jose City College, good luck and enjoy college life!

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Welcome New Students