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Speak Out: In what ways can the Associated Student Government improve next year?

Mary Carpenter

May 17, 2013

Gabriel Velasquez Major: Undecided Age: 25 There should be an easier way to make suggestions directly toward the ASG. Also make it easier to get in contact with them with ideas.     Sergio Molina ...

No representation without taxation

March 19, 2013

The student body are not being given the same rights as some students on campus. Without informing many of us, the Associated Student Government has decided that only a specific group of people on campus has the right to vote...

Editorial Faceoff: Two sides of awareness months

March 19, 2013

Cultural awareness is the key to cultural acceptance in this country Understanding the history and significance behind cultural celebration months is the key to accepting them as something helpful to our culture in America. Trace ...

SJCC counseling marred by conflicting answers

Mary Carpenter

March 5, 2013

Entering college can be an intimidating task for some students, where there is minimal room for errors when it comes to gradua-tion and transfer requirements. A majority of students have come to heavily rely on counselors to...

In search for a more secure campus

Editorial Board

February 25, 2013

Though the school’s top priority is to educate, protecting students, faculty and staff is also very important. San Jose City College needs a better security system. The lockdown incident during the fall 2012 semester at th...

Speak Out: What kind of services on campus are you not satisfied with?

January 30, 2013

COMPILED BY MARIA LAURA MIRAMON AND JULIAN CASTILLO/TIMES STAFF   Kimberly Candia Major: Pre-Nursing Age: 25 Financial aid. They don’t return phone calls. They are rude when you go see them. They are non-respo...

Rising costs affect value of education

Editorial Board

January 30, 2013

When you buy a car you take a lot of factors into account. First, you make some rough assessment of the value of the car, by which you make some quasi-calculations in your head about what you think the car is worth, and after...

The ears have it


December 16, 2012

By Anthony Adrian Xavier Pino/Contributor   I am an auditory person. I’ve learned this through repeated formal assessments and life experiences. They all say the same thing: The human voice and its words are my primary w...

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