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Taylor Atkinson

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Fagan’s new book guides readers through jobs, relationships and more

“I’m Only Here for the WiFi,” by Chelsea Fagan, does a great job explaining how to navigate life in your twenties. The book is easy to read, and it is easy to skip from chapter to chapter because of the way Fagan grouped each topic into a different chapter.

The book is short (192 pages) and funny, and for those who typically dislike reading, Fagan includes a variety of diagrams and illustrations to keep the reader interested.

“From those just realizing that a college degree doesn’t necessarily equal career success, to all those looking to party on the cheap, Fagan offers a healthy mix of commentary, humor and real advice that every reluctant adult will enjoy,” according to Running Press.

The book is aptly titled, “I’m Only Here for the WiFi” because Fagan has firsthand experience with young adults found crowded around laptops in coffee shops and cafes, taking advantage of the free WiFi while sipping on the same cold cup of coffee all day long. She was one of them.

These young adults are making the most of the free Internet for a number of reasons, including searching for jobs on websites such as Craigslist. But what if you decide you actually want to work at said coffee shop?

“For every coffee b–ch position available in an office in a big city, there are going to be at least 500 20-somethings clawing each other’s eyes out to get it,” Fagan said. “So you have to be creative, be persistent and stand out from the crowd.”

She wrote that life is a variable tapestry of gray areas as with many things in adulthood. Each point is as open to interpretation and tweaking as the next, and your job is to make all those blurry lines blur just enough in your favor.

Fagan tackles the issue of finding and keeping a job in her book, in addition to providing thoughtful insight on the subjects most young adults struggle with, such as:

  •  Hobbies: Or, How to Find Things to Do That Don’t Depend Entirely on Drinking
  • Going Out: Or, How to Justify a $12 Cocktail by Screaming “This is My Song!”
  • Love and Dating: Or, How to Appease Your Mother When She Asks If You’re Seeing Anyone
  • Finances: Or, How to Finish the Month Without Crying into Your Ramen
  • Friendship: Or, How to Find Cool People Who Aren’t the Same Five Co-workers

And finally:

  • Growing Up: Or, Making the World a Better Place by Doing Something Other Than Suckling from Society’s Ravaged Teat

Becoming an adult is no easy feat, and for many of us, it is a step we are forced into making. Just remember to refer to Fagan’s guide the next time you find yourself in need of some tender loving reassurance and encouragement.

Fagan wrote, “The truth is, that no matter how much you feel as if you and only you are a giant f—up and everyone else around you is laughing and dancing as romantic success and hundred-dollar bills rain down on them, everyone is confused.”

Price: Paperback Original; $14
Rating: 5 out of 5