Show review: ‘One Night with Janis Joplin’

Justin San Diego

Legendary soul-rock songstress is honored at local repertory theater

Electrifying would be the best word to describe “One Night with Janis Joplin” at the San Jose Repertory Theater.

Actress Cari Hutson did a magnificent job and her portrayal of rock goddess Joplin was tastefully done.

The audience was able to get an amazing feel for Joplin during her childhood and through her adult years.

The casting couldn’t have been better. Each performer took on their own personality, but, like a good puzzle, they all fit together.

They were able to make you laugh, cry and think at the perfect times.

The backup singers were also very good and the band was excellent.

The audience was absorbed and was even called to participate in the performance like an actual concert.

The stage design was a great representation of the psychedelic 60s era. The cast’s costumes also fit the scene very well.

However, when it came to Hutson’s costumes, only one of the few seemed like Janis Joplin’s wear.

The play also portrayed African-American blues artist Aretha Franklin, Bessie Smith and Etta James.

These women were great influences in Janis’ music.

“One Night with Janis” was co-produced by Daniel Chilewich and Todd Gershwin of One Night Productions.

The artistic director was Dave Steakly and the managing director was Elisbeth Challener.

Many of her songs were played, showing that Janis Joplin rocked her way to heaven.