SJCC’s efforts for the homeless

Students can acquire free fare from the Jaguar Market


Photo by Alexandra Frank / Times Staff

San Jose City College offers free groceries for Jaguars at the Jaguar Market, located in the Student Center. The Jaguar Market is one of many resources the college offers to those on campus in need.

Students know SJCC as a college they go to with homework to do on a deadline, but there are other aspects they may not consider.

For one thing, there is the Jaguar Market, where people can “shop” for free groceries and snacks.

Ally Dupre, a Jaguar Market employee, said the most fulfilling aspect of the market for her is “supplying families more than individuals.”

One of the main points of the Jaguar Market is to give back to those who are less fortunate, a number that has risen since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States.

Daniela Munoz-Martinez, who runs the Jaguar Market, explained the purpose of the Jaguar Market, as well as other forms of help that SJCC offers the homeless.

“There may be many different avenues where students at SJCC can get assistance,” Munoz-Martinez said. “Our center currently assists enrolled students who may be experiencing homelessness by providing community resources for safe shelters, transitional housing, and safe parking options via our Basic Needs Referral request form.”

Not all homeless people can readily find the resources they need in order to get out of being homeless, so it can be helpful to know that SJCC is doing this for them.

For Munoz-Martinez, the most rewarding aspect of the Jaguar Market is “Knowing that our students are able to fill their stomachs and feed their minds with knowledge without having to sacrifice their health.”

The Jaguar Market is located in the Student Center, First Floor, SC-113 and their phone number is (408) 288-3745. For more information, check out the Jaguar Market Website.