Examining safety protocols of SJCC

Keeping a secure and welcoming campus community


Photo by Raul Martinez / Contributor

Lieutenant Raul Martinez has worked for SJCC for two years. Martinez spent 28 years in law enforcement.

Fall Semester has brought a plethora of incoming freshmen who get to navigate all of what SJCC has to offer, starting with SJCC’s Campus Safety and District Police.

“Safety and security to all the students is first and foremost,” said Lieutenant Raul Martinez on Oct. 5, during an interview with the City Times.

Martinez, 54, spent 28 years in law enforcement. He has since retired and has moved on to being a part of the SJCC department for over two years.

SJCC has a police substation located at the Student Center, which operates from 7:00 am to 11:00pm Monday-Friday. On the weekends, officers and dispatch are available from 7:00 am to 3:00pm.

“Our doors are always open. Whether that’s a battery charge, to directions, food, and unhoused situations, we don’t turn anybody away if you have a question,” Martinez said.

Building a Community and Staying Safe

If students are ever in need of help, SJCC has various blue emergency phones across campus at every main building which then allows a call to dispatch.

Martinez described the process after a call comes in:

“We will figure out what the issue is, we’ll respond to emergency services or maybe fire it may be a medical issue. But no matter what dispatch will eventually handle the call,” Martinez said.

According to Martinez, their response time on average is 3 minutes if the officer is on campus. With that being said, due to staffing issues (one officer in the day, one at night patrol at a time) Martinez might have an officer respond all the way from EVC to SJCC, lengthening the response time to approximately 15 to 20 minutes depending on the circumstances.

After hours, when dispatch is closed, blue phones are still activated allowing students to get in touch with the department along with a security team named “Genesis” for the evening.

Additional Safety Precautions

SJCC has late night functions where students and staff walk to their cars alone. Campus Police take extra measures during the evening hours. They offer the opportunity for students and teachers to be walked by an officer to their car, as well as having Genesis, who looks after the campus once the department leaves. “It’s utilized by the faculty a lot,” Martinez said. On the Campus Police website, students are given suggestions to prevent crime by walking in pairs or groups, staying in well lit areas, and carrying a cell phone.

It’s safe to say that Martinez is very passionate about his work and encourages his Department of SJCC to do the same, going above and beyond to create a sense of community and security among the students and Faculty.

“Never forget where you came from but always lend an ear and lend some advice if asked, be there for other people,” Martinez said

For more Information/Contact info please visit —SJCC CAMPUS POLICE/Campus & Personal Safety— Raul Martinez 408-531-6176, Department, 408-270-6468