Steps to take to register for classes at San Jose City College

Five steps to become a Jaguar


Vy Nguyen, Times Staff

SJCC journalism students hold the first edition of the City College Times for the spring 2022 semester in February in the newsroom.

1. Go to “MyWeb” and log in. Click on “students” in the second row on the right corner.

2. Then go to the “registration” section. Click on “Register for sections.”

3. Click “Search for the section to register.” Choose: “Fall 2022 Regular.” Choose a subject, for example “journalism.” Choose a location, for example “San Jose City College.” Click “submit.”

4. Pick the courses from the list that you like and that do not conflict with other courses, then click “submit.”

5. At the “Action” section, click “register,” then “submit.”

You are now registered.