Winners in ASG election

Victors take office in fall 2022


Photo courtesy of Times Contributor

ASG President-elect Leif Benson ( blue shirt), interviewed by Drew Glover ( next to Leif in the right side) at KJCC Radio during a live ASG Election Forum on April 6

ASG President-elect Leif Benson ( blue shirt), interviewed by Drew Glover ( next to Leif in the right side) at KJCC Radio during a live ASG Election Forum on April 6. (Photo courtesy of Times Contributor)

San Jose City College students have voted in new student officers for the Associated Students Government board for the next academic year.

Elections were held over a three-day period from April 5 through April 7. Here are the elected officers:

  • President: Leif Benson
  • VP of marketing: Skyler Alikoi Dy
  • VP of finance: Xitlaly Martinez
  • Chief justice: Vacant
  • Student trustee: Van Pham
  • Director of Communications: Moe Shaar
  • Director of student resources: Vacant
  • Director of student engagement: Denim Sperisen

Incoming ASG president Leif Benson said his goal as president is to enrich the college experience for fellow students.

“I want to guide students to be more successful. A lot of students don’t know about the EOPS Center for low-income earners or the Jaguars Market free food giveaway. There’s also free tutoring services available,” Benson said at an ASG Elections Forum at KJCC Radio.

Benson says he’d like to increase the number and variety of clubs on campus.

Re-elected ASG Communications Director Moe Shaarf said it’s the job of the student government and the faculty to reach out more to the campus community.

“I’m trying to create more student engagement, for example, getting a food truck at one of the softball games. Hopefully, this will encourage more students to come out and watch the athletes. It’ll get them talking, and from that you get more clubs on campus,” Shaarf said at the KJCC forum.

Some ASG positions remained vacant after the election.

“I can appoint a person to next year’s board, or the next president can. Because of limited time, the next president would likely appoint someone to those two positions,” current ASG President Francis Seludo said. “An individual can reach out to [email protected] and say they’re interested in those positions, and we can send them the information on what steps are to follow.”

Reflecting on his ASG presidency, Seludo said one of his greatest successes was connecting with students.

“One of the projects I was proud of was the school supply giveaway that I created during the pandemic. We distributed school supplies to more than 250 students during the 2020-21 year ,” Seludo said. “The happiness and smiles that we received was something I was proud about.”

The winning candidates will assume office at the start of the Fall 2022 semester and serve until the end of the academic year.

The ASG board meets every week at its offices on the first floor of the Student Center. This year, the meeting day is Wednesday at 4 p.m. The public is invited.

There is a financial incentive for serving on the ASG Board.

“Officeholders do receive payment for their service which are $100 per ASG meeting and $25 per committee,” Seludo said. “Students can also sit and attend committees and earn $25, but they must be appointed to the committees before receiving payment.”