SJCC services assist students on campus

There are department offers for students on campus


Vy Nguyen

Student Health Services Staff, including (from left): Kathleen Barzegar (Clinic Nurse), Azenneth Garcia (MA), Toni Moos (MD), Travis Cheng (Admin) and Suzanne Wang (DNP).

San Jose City College has many opportunities for students to get help on campus. 

On of these is the information desk located in the Student Center.

“If students need their student IDs, this is where they would come with copies of proof of registration to get that,” said Program coordinator Xiomara Martinez. “Also, they are able to get  the VTA Eco Bus Passes here.”

Martinez also said that the information desk offers a variety of other services including campus tours. 

“So tours for students who are thinking about coming here, this is where they check in,” Xiomara said. “If you need to know where to find the classrooms, questions about registration, where to find a department, you’re looking for someone, definitely check in here.”

The Jaguar Market that is also located in the Student Center. 

“We offer daily snacks and weekly shopping. All students can come here for drinks, some chips, burritos, soups or whatever we have available,” said Cruz Munoz, 21, SJCC dental hygiene major. “For weekly shopping, we offer eggs, milk, chicken, vegetables and fruits. We also have canned food and soups.”

The Jaguar Market may help students who have a tight budget.

“I think it’s very helpful for all students because some students live by themselves so they have to manage their budget,” Munoz said. “This is a perfect way to support them. In my perspective, it helps me a lot, saves a lot of money. If they (students) want to invest in other stuff, it helps a lot.”

The Cesar E.Chavez Library offers in-person and virtual library services for students,  faculty and all district employees in the spring 2022 session, according to the SJCC Chavez Library online website. 

The Library’s hours for the spring semester are  Monday through Thursday, 9:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.  It is closed on Saturdays and Sundays as well as campus holidays. 

The campus library is also offering zero-cost tutoring services. 

If students need tutoring or would like to review what they learned in class, they can take a look at the tutor schedule and pop into a Zoom room or stop by the Learning Resource Center on the first floor of the library for in-person tutoring. 

Subjects include math, statistics, physics, chemistry, accounting, Spanish and essay writing. Click here for the tutor schedules.

The Student Accessibility Services is located in the Student Center in Room 106. 

“We are the SAS, which is the Student Accessibility Services. The one way you can use our service is that you have a verification of disability,” said SAS program assistant Martha Cazares. “That’s how we intake our students, with an application verification of disability.”.

The SAS also offers specialized counseling, note-taking services, interpreters and educational plans. We also help with transfer to four-year universities,” Cazares said. “SAS’s main goal is to make all content in class accessible to students. If you are deaf, you can have closed-captioning. If you are blind, to have things, it’ll be given to you in the format that you understand, like something auditory. If you are in a wheelchair, you will be given adjustable seating in class.

Students can also access health services in the Student Center. 

“At the Student Health Services, all the students pay a student health fee, which covers some of the services that we provide here but not all the services,” said registered nurse Kathleen Barzegar.  “We have a physician that’s on staff, and she sees patients by appointments on Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

Barzegar said there are students that also come to Health Services that have medical coverage under the Fampact Program, which provides family planning services to eligible low-income students. 

“They can see the doctor for well women, sexually transmitted interfaction testing, pregnancy testing,” Barzegar said. “For students not covered under the Fampact program, we have low cost pregnancy testing, lab testing for sexually transmitted diseases or other lab testing the doctors feel might be nessasry during the visit.”

For students who want to quit smoking, Health Services has a smoking cessation program.

“If there are students who are used to tobacco products or use nicotine products, vapes, and cigarettes, we have counseling that helps them stop smoking. That’s available free to students,” Barzegar said.

Health Services also offers birth control counseling, vision screening and mental health services. 

“We have a case manager for mental health services. Her name is Elisse, and she meets with students to determine what their needs are,” Barzegar said. “If they’re having needs in certain areas, maybe with difficulties making their rent or being able to buy groceries, or if they’re having some mental challenges and  need personal counseling, she meets with them and determines what their needs are.” 

Health Services also has two mental health counselors on staff that can meet for individual limited personal mental health counseling.