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Jon Marinaro

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Email This Story, a new application for the computer, ties your Facebook contacts into their larger relationship application, which allows for people to connect and reciprocate feelings without much of the drawbacks usually involved in finding or expanding relationships.

The connection to your Facebook account loads up all of your Facebook friends and allows you to send out trints ranging from “let’s hangout” and “you’re cool” to “long-term relationship” and “friends with benefits” to an option for “breakup,” if you are trying to close out connections.

This provides another layer on top of the usual liking and commenting found on Facebook that can connect people. It does provide a level of security and privacy since the trints are not displayed or shared unless you want to, something that is hard to do on Facebook.

The app is free to users and features a simple interface with a secure connection so that your information should not be accessed maliciously.

The interface itself is a work in progress with certain links not connecting to where they should in the beta, but it is under construction.

Mobile apps have been a requirement in today’s day and age, and with the new beta of the application, there is a mockup of what this can be; it is currently unusable. This is something that must be fixed before it can be released to the public. is currently trying to find ways to make money using this app by connecting it to local businesses for when you want to “get lunch” it will provide a list of partners that pay to advertise to you. This allows the application to be free and is said to hopefully connect to deals through Google and Groupon.

There is a lot of work to be done on the application until it is a polished product for the general masses, but it provides a level of connection between friends combined with a level of privacy that is hard to attain on Facebook by itself. I recommend this app for early-adopters and social network junkies who want to get everything out of their account, but not for the average user, given its unfinished quality.

  • Usability:    8/10   
  • Integration: 8/10
  • Concept:    9/10
  • Access:    7/10 or

Social Network Application Price: Free For all modern internet browsers