Jags football prepares for new season


Iber Moreno, Times Staff

Jags punter Corbin Schaffer lifts 225 pounds at the Jaguars weight room on March 8.

Iber Moreno, Times Staff

San Jose City College Jags football coach focuses on recruiting the best student athletes in the nation and aims to re-establish a winning tradition.

“We want to bring a winning tradition back to its glory days, how it was a long time ago,’’ Coach Timothy Durant said.

Durant said he plans to achieve that goal by recruiting the best players from all over the country by showing them the new facilities and the new football field that is under construction and the benefits that student athletes get at SJCC.

That’s why first-year player Bubba Mendoza from Alaska decided to come to San Jose and join the Jaguars.

“I’m super excited about the team. The new football field and the new stadium gives an opportunity for a new culture,” Mendoza said. “What makes teams good is that deep, thick culture and having an opportunity to play on a brand new field with my new teammates and two of my friends, who are also from Alaska.” 

Durant said SJCC is different from other junior colleges in California in how it helps student athletes.

“The support system that the school offers and the benefits that the students get – especially student athletes – are like no other junior colleges,’’ Durant said.

Returning player Corbin Schaffer, punter, said he is excited and is getting ready for the upcoming season. 

“I think there is a lot of great potential here considering we had a lot of talent last year,” Schaffer said. “Although I was out there kicking the ball most of the time, we couldn’t put a drive out there. It said a lot about our chemistry last year; but since we are starting early this year, I feel we will be much more bonded.”

Schaffer said he’s set a lot of individual goals for himself this year as well and has set his expectations higher than last season.

“My goal this season is going all state and getting that full-ride scholarship, as well as going to a bowl game,” Schaffer said. “I don’t know what those are like. I don’t watch college football, and last year we didn’t get to go to one so I wouldn’t mind experiencing one.”

The Jags finished last year’s season 3-7 overall and 1-3 in conference play, but the team plans to turn around and change as they are already in the weight room lifting weights, getting stronger and faster for the season.

Schaffer said he is ready to make this season memorable. “I just want to play football.”

Jags Football coach Timothy Durant fills out students’ weight room forms in the auxiliary room on campus on Tuesday, Feb. 22. (Iber Moreno, Times Staff)