Faces in the crowd

Fall 2021 students give advice to incoming spring 2022 students

Anderson Jones answers the Faces in the Crowd question on SJCC campus, on Nov. 9

Q: What would you tell students coming into the spring 2022 semester?

Anderson Jones
Age: 20
Major: Communications
“It’s a cool experience here (SJCC) and everything is chill. Teachers are good, counselors are good; Everybody wants you to succeed.

Taylor Kindel
Program: Middle College
“It’s a fun campus and I have good professors so far and they’re very forgiving.
It’s really nice being here and it’s a pretty campus.”

Maria Miller
Program: Middle School
“Don’t be nervous at all. SJCC has a great student and teacher community and it’s very accepting and diverse. The classes are nice and it’s been a good experience here.

Mark Cataolos
Age: 25
Major: Industrial Teaching
“Talk to professors if you need help. They are here to help you. Don’t be afraid to go to office hours.”

Lisabet Vazquez
Major: Nursing
“The teachers here explain everything and make everything so easy. Also the schedules are made for you and there are many options.”

James Fontia
Age: 20
Major: Medical Assisting
“Be active in the community and join a club. It’s definitely worth going for.”