‘Candy Man’ movie review

This movie is intense and horrific


By Abyssinia Muhammad / Times staff

The “Candy Man’s” dark and scary hallway, where his ghostly spirit dwells, inside Cabrini Projects.

Plan on relaxing with family and friends this Halloween? The new 2021 horror film “Candy Man,” a continuation of the sequel that first was brought to the scenes of Oct. 1992, is back on the scene and this time with a newly delivered scare.

Ticket sales hit the box office ranking in earnings at a staggering 34 million. Movie tinkers such as this one kept movie gowers cringing out of their seats. New York Post Johny Olenski said “the original movie set almost didn’t happen”, because of Chicago’s windy weather that caused filming delays, but filmmakers were forced to deal with such conditions and move forward with filming the set located in one of Chicago’s most notorious ghetto’s Cabrini Green Projects.

Film critics reviews were staggering and intense. Rotten Tomatoes rated the film at a surprising 84%, with other critics, such as Metacritic, reviewing the film at 72 points.

The film was intense, horrific! It depicted images of gruesome blood and slashing sounds, from the Candy Man’s hook, that he used to murder and slaughter innocent victims.

My eyes never left the movie scene, except at times where the dark presence of the spirit of the Candy Man came around. Sneaking up behind actors has he prepared his hook to slaughter there flesh!

Overall, I give this movie a rating of 3 out of 5. The film’s producers and screenwriters failed to incorporate factual events of persons, peoples, places and things that would have only added to the storyline and increased its audiences and revenue.

They also failed to integrate the original ethnicity, history of the real Candy Man, and his apprentice who were American white boys that would lure children into dark hallways in Chicago’s Cabrini projects with candy from their family owned local candy shop and slaughter them with hooks. The original storyline dates back to the 1970’s, where the murders of innocent children took place for more than a decade.

Sounds of buzzing bees make the entrance in the beginning of the film, and continue to resume throughout the entire movie, whenever the Candy Man’s ghostly presence would appear.

A horrific and new freaky horror sequel, starring actor Yahiya Abdul Mateen II, goes off exploring the life and history of the original life of the real Candy Man. During his research the film’s star turns into him with visions and psychological episodes of psychosis and spiritual experiences.
The film’s co-stars and supporting actors are Tony Tod and Teyonah Fabris. If you enjoy thrillers, horror or films about paranormal activity, “you’ll enjoy this one”!

Film: “Candy Man” (2021)
Running time: 90 minutes
Rated R: For violence, blood, horror, and some sexual references
Music by: Robert A. A. Lowe
Edited by: Catrin Hedsrtom
Production companies: Metro Goldwyn Mayer Bron Creative Monkeypaw productions
Distributed by: Universal Pictures