Covid-19 quarantine guidelines for Halloween 2020


Beth Teutschmann

Lit Jack-O-Lanterns

Traditional Halloween parties and trick or treating may be canceled this year because of the pandemic, but there are still low-risk ways to enjoy this spooky time of year.

California Assembly member Robert Rivas of District 30 wrote in an email that these activities are described as low risk, high risk and very high risk.

Low-risk activities:

Low risk ideas include very simple but entertaining activities such as going through drive-thru Halloween displays, movie drive-ins, online parties, Zoom pumpkin carving, staying home for a movie marathon and also having an in-home candy scavenger hunt.

High-risk activities:

High-risk activities to avoid are traditional trick or treating — despite being an outdoor activity, it still has many different bodies visiting one place at one time — and any type of fall festivals.

Very high-risk activities:

Very high-risk activities that are not permitted by local government consist of having or attending crowded indoor or outdoor parties, haunted houses, indoor mazes and having trunks or treats, which is when treats are handed out of trunks of cars lined up in parking lots.

Of course, the best Halloween plan to protect yourself and your family from coronavirus is to stay home and shelter-in-place.