SJCC Learning Resource Center tutor uses patience, conscientiousness to teach students

Learning Resource Center is students’ companion

Graphic by Dung Tran, Time Staff

Dung Tran

Graphic by Dung Tran, Time Staff

With the aim of supporting students, the SJCC Learning Resource Center helps students throughout their studies with a team of experienced and enthusiastic tutors..

Tin Le has been a tutor at San Jose City College for more than eight years and describes his work as a companion to students’ work.

“Thanks to many years of experience as a mathematics teacher in Vietnam, I’m doing this job quite smoothly,” said Tin Le, 55, who  specializes in math, statistics and Vietnamese. “I love this job because I have chosen teaching as my profession. Now it is my will to help students to the best of my best abilities and experience.”

Le referred to the language barrier as an obstacle for students and tutors.

“I had felt the first moments of clumsiness when I started this job at SJCC,” Le said. “The problem is that before I taught math to Vietnamese students in Vietnam. Now I have to tutor students in English.”

Le said he enjoys working with other tutors and the coordinator at the center.

“I consider Mr. Le as my teacher through his experiences,” said Minh Nguyen, 30, who is a student as well as a math and statistics tutor. “From the first days of working as a tutor, Le has always encouraged me and trained me to assist students. He treats me as a friendly colleague.”

Many people at the center speak highly of Le.

“Le is a very dedicated person working at the center,” LRC Coordinator Peiman Gheibi said. “Le is always patient with students whenever they need guidance. Students who come here always appreciate Le’s enthusiasm.”

Le said because of the coronavirus, many things have changed in LRC.

The center offers two different online tutoring options to students while they learn remotely, making it more flexible and suitable. The first is peer tutors, held on Zoom, and the second is NetTutor 24-hous services.

“We’ve faced many challenges, including maintaining a good relationship with our students from their homes while working remotely,” Le said. “We must try and find the best approach and services.”

Le said he works six days a week, and he feels happy with his job.

“Patience and conscientiousness,” Le said, “are the qualities that any tutor needs to accompany students throughout the learning process toward their bright future.”