Canvas training sessions for online teaching offered to SJECCD instructors beginning May 26


Junjie Qui, Times Staff

Distance Education Committee Chairperson Audrey Blumeneau discusses the Canvas training schedule during a Zoom meeting May 11.

The Distance Education Committee recommended in a May 11 Zoom meeting that San Jose Evergreen Community College District instructors enroll in instructional design courses to become proficient in online teaching.

“Instructors who have never taught an online course may become eligible to teach online by completing at least one course in instructional design,” DE Committee Chairperson Audrey Blumeneau said.

Blumeneau showed a schedule for 20 hours of training for three weeks from May 26 to June 11. The first week of training is an introduction to Canvas. The second week is about Canvas intermediate training and the third week for Canvas advanced and specialized applications.

“The aim of the meeting is to help distance education students for summer and fall. The instructors should know how to use the tools and speculate on possible accidents and solutions in online teaching,” Blumeneau said.

Blumeneau said that instructors may acquire the necessary skills in a variety of ways, including taking courses offered through Evergreen Valley College and other accredited colleges and universities, as well as taking courses and workshops offered through CCC’s CVC-Online Education Initiative.

The meeting participants discussed how distance education is going to be integrated with vocational programs, such as iron workers, HVAC/FMT and carpenters, which previously relied heavily on in-person labs.

Training steps for DE coaches were also explained, including three parts: role, orientation, lecture and labs.

The first part, role, is concerned with teach/co-teach workshops and how to lead small group hands-on lab sessions online.

Orientation was held on May 21 to explain some precautions about online courses.

Lecture and labs include creating a three-hour long lecture video and 12-hour labs for their respective courses.

Meeting participants included Vice-President Elizabeth Pratt, faculty representatives Christopher Mabie, Margarete Leclerc, Dan McElroy, Robert Gutierrez, Sherry Dorfman, Gerald Grudzen, Dan McElroy, Dorothy Pucay and Jill Alban from the Language Arts Department.

SJECCD Chancellor Byron Breland said in a May 10 district-wide email that online instruction will continue through the fall semester.