How to save money while enjoying our college life

Kelly Hsu

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There will always be times when college student want to go Cancun, Mexico for spring break. But, the bank account only has $80 left. We stutter and refuse to face the fact that we are having trouble saving in our piggy bank while constantly spending on games, food and movies. According to state university website, an average fulltime student can spend up to $13,000 a year, equal to $1,083.00 per month.

Although it sounds insane, college students do manage to earn more than $1,100 per month, either from parents or part-time jobs. We don’t discourage going out and have fun, but do it in a smart way.
Tip 1: Do not walk into the campus bookstore to purchase the exact item professors asked for.

Often students gather in front of bookstore every new semester. The newest edition of a physics textbook can easily cost a few hundred dollars. You said to yourself, it’s what professors ask for. This is actually the wrong message we have often received. Professors do encourage students to purchase textbooks online, or even purchase older editions. A physics textbook can cost only $50 – $100 on Amazon when it is $100 – $200 on campus bookstore.

To be more accurate and be sure of what you should purchase, a lot of campuses do offer online bookstore before semester starts. This is a great way to know which books to purchase when simply search for course selection. Once find out which books to purchase then simply compare price on and Amazon. After semester is over, you can even sell back your book to the bookstore or any vendors looking to buy back textbooks.

Tip 2: Shopping with friends is necessary, but do the purchasing on your own.

A lot of times consumers feels positive with compliments by their friends. Most dresses must look fantastic on everybody. But, it’s not necessary to have them. To be exact, we have often purchase the same style we have in our closets. And this goes the same for the guys, too. In the end, consumers will purchase similar items that attract our attention or our sense of aesthetic feeling. Although we think the clothes fit this year’s fashion, in the end, it will only be one of the similar clothes we have in the closet.

Before taking out the wallet, put the items on hold. Continue shopping until the end of the day. If you are constantly thinking about the item, then feel free to go back and purchase. If you went back home and realize you forgot to purchase the item, congratulations, you have successfully saved yourself $30 – $40.

Tip 3: Your Mac Book does not just come from the Apple store.
Before walking into the bright, silver, glowing Apple symbol, please remind yourself there are more than 1000 websites or discount stores offering electronics you are looking for. Purchasing your digital cameras and laptops at a main store is only to ensure you are getting the most accurate warranty. But the truth is, most products offered by Apple, Samsung, LG, Acer, and other brands will only support one year manufacturer warranty, no matter where you purchase their products.

Some places do offer extended 2 year service, but why bother when you have to paid $300 dollars extra and not guarantee 100% fixable rate.
Search online before walking into corporation stores. Often times, only holiday seasons worth your time to go visit them. One of famous site for electronic is The website not only shows the hottest deals, but it also offers coupon code when you wish to purchase through official corporate websites.

Tip 4: Homemade recipes will always taste better than food in the school cafeteria.

It’s true, not all moms can cook. But we can cook on our own. A week of groceries might cost you around $120, however, that will only be six dollars per meal and three meals a day. One time eating out will cost you $10 to $15 or more.

If our average spending is $1000 a month, then everyone should be able to afford a nice Cancun trip by the end of March. Two months of hard work on saving money will eventually end up with a sunny, relaxed Sunday afternoon at your favorite vacation spots for spring break. What are we waiting for, start saving today!