Highlights of AS meetings

Brandon Berthelsen

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The Associated Student council chartered the Recovery Club, introducing a new club to the campus. Robert Thomas, student and student ambassador, said he wants to create a place for safety and sanctuary for students with addictions using an unused classroom. Addictions being drugs, gangs, gambling or anything in between. Room to be announced.

San Jose City College Associated Students council provided $300 in funding to support the art gallery, “Andy Nguyen, Experiment In Time,” put on by the Fine Art Department.

“On City College campus, we’ve had a long tradition of (having) a gallery,“ said Eve Mathis, art instructor. Mathias informed the AS that the Fine Art Department did not receive a budget for a gallery this year, noting that Andy Nguyen paid out of pocket for frames for the photos in the gallery

Mathias said that having a gallery on campus will help the 800 art program students in creative and critical thinking.

The gallery is a single artist display, showing only Nguyen’s photos. Nguyen said his photos range in price from $150-$300, and all proceeds will go to The Franciscan Charity in San Francisco.

The AS chartered the Soccer club, Abraham Hernandez, SJCC student, representing. Hernandez said the club wants to put together a grand opening event for the new soccer field: a soccer game between faculty and students.

Luis Marquez was appointed Officer of Evening Affairs. Marquez said that he wants to help connect evening students to the daytime activity of SJCC, passing out fliers and talking to students individually.