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Tech Cafe, friend or foe?

Nathan Collins

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Sitting in the “Times” office, a thirst began to grow. Something that could be only quenched by “The great buy” of America, Arizona Iced Tea. No matter what has been said or speculated about Arizona Iced Tea, does not pertain to this loyal fan. Let them hate.

After being informed of the “Tech Café,” just as Willey Coyote chasing the proverbial Roadrunner, the search for Arizona Iced Tea began. Getting there, a sad notion became reality; they had none. Plenty of tea, but not what was wanted. Not a big deal really, but then something else became relevant, general selection and prices.

Bonus of the cafe was its atmosphere, being nice and quiet for you to sit and attend to work that needs to be done. Outside of the cafe are concrete benches and tables, in case you’d like to enjoy the weather, or the nice breeze if getting tired of the A/C.

The most evident of grumbles, was the need of cash, no ATM or credit. This is understandable. Because each swipe of the card is charged to the register that it is connected? Those machines are rented, not owned, just as the ATM machines that ask you, if you are ok with the additional fee.

How much money do they lose due to the fact that they do not accept credit or ATM/Debit cards; some people just do not carry cash anymore. The prices do not really come into question, because well, its capitalism in America, and that means the Cafe is entitled to earn a buck. Free market and competition at its best.

Not having an auto mated teller does not make sense. Nowadays nearly everything has a card feature of some sort. Oh well, let’s just hope that one day, the thirst of Arizona doesn’t come’s a knockin’ when all I have is a ATM card. Looks like luck will run out at that moment.

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Tech Cafe, friend or foe?