AMC Mercado reveals newly renovated theaters to the public

Remodeled movie theater enhances moviegoing experience

New features added at AMC theater located in Santa Clara in the hopes of re-sparking an interest in the lost popularity of leaving one’s house to watch new films.
With movies being less convenient and online-streaming services on the rise, the magic of theaters became outdated and there needed to be a change.
AMC Mercado theaters announced new renovations made to adapt to the changes in the norms when it came to convenience, such as making watching films at the theater more luxurious and affordable for some people that normally may not be able to afford it.
Those with student IDs may now receive a discount when buying a ticket at the box office.
New additions to the AMC Mercado movie theater are: signature recliners, premium format experiences, better menu options and a soon-to-be released Macguffins adult beverage lounge for those over the age of 21.
“We’re excited,” Executive Vice President John McDonald said. “These enhanced amenities like AMC signature recliners create an unparalleled viewing experience for our guests.”
During this eight month renovation period, AMC wanted to work toward each goal of making the movie-going experience more enjoyable.
“We’re excited to deliver this incredible AMC experience, which guests around the county are raving about to movie-goers at AMC Mercado 20,” McDonald said.
AMC Mercado has even worked toward adapting to today’s current love for technology by allowing the public to reserve seats online or at the ticket booth.
The newly renovated theater is located in Mercado Santa Clara at 3111 Mission College Blvd., Santa Clara, California 95054.