Tinder Dates and how to be safe

Dating is fun but safety is important

Some people use dating apps for random hookups or to get back into dating.
It is pretty straightforward at first, messaging a potential partner but what happens when you meet them in person?
Sometimes we do not always use our best instincts in certain situations.
Because of that, here are some helpful safety tips when going out with someone you met online.
Always make sure it is the person you matched with on Tinder or Bumble because a lot of people grab someone else’s picture from Google.
Go with your gut instinct no matter how you feel.
If you feel suspicious of the person, find a way to get out of that situation.
Message one of your friends and ask them to come with you on the date. If needed, they can sit in a secluded place to keep an eye on you.

Ask your friend to sit somewhere where there is a lot of background movement. This way, they can message you throughout the date and keep a close eye out for red flags.
Be aware of your surroundings.
This is very useful depending on the situation wherever you are. Look for the exits, and know where the bathroom is. Use your best judgment in any environment.
A few pieces of advice that I would give to someone who is using a dating app for the first time:

  • Bring someone you trust with you
  • Get a real picture of them, not just from their camera roll
  • Meet in a public place like a restaurant or a coffee shop
  • Make sure one person knows where you are at all time
  • Do not take things super serious or to heart
  • Be aware; be cautious
  • Ask what their intentions are
  • Bring a taser or pepper spray just to be sure