Celebrating 100 years of SJCC and how the campus has changed

Zoe Goddard, Times Staff

San Jose City College opened its doors in September 1921, and it is still operating today as one of the oldest colleges in California.

The college’s main draw for students is the nursing program, cosmetology and workforce training. The school also has a greenhouse, a taxidermy collection and offers performing arts courses, art, iron works, photography and journalism.

The college has seen its fair share of change over the past 100 years of service to its community.

“The biggest change I’ve seen to the school is the physical campus itself. Most of the buildings that were standing when I arrived in 1996 have been replaced,” said Judith Bell, SJCC art instructor.

According to the SJCC website, SJCC gave up some of its property to make way for interstate 280, and the school ground formerly stretched from Bascom Avenue to Menker Avenue.

“It’s changed a lot. There were fewer buildings, and I remember the student building being in the center of campus instead of the side,” said Sandra Espinosa, 73, who attended SJCC in the 1980s.

“I took sign language and finance banking.” Bell said. “My favorite thing about the college (SJCC) is the people. The students are wonderful, and I love collaborating with people from across the campus on improving the student experience.”