Taking a break to celebrate Thanksgiving

How students spend their holiday

Forrest Canton, Times Staff

Thanksgiving is a major holiday that takes place every last Thursday of November. Businesses such as banks and post offices are closed.

Henry Akapo, 48, majoring in accounting, said he celebrated his Thanksgiving “with family at home.”

In addition to students who relaxed, there are some who helped prepare Thanksgiving meal.

Arthur Parrilla, 20, majoring in civil engineering, said he celebrated his Thanksgiving by “doing a little studying and preparing food for family.”

While families prepared food, some students also helped during preparation. There are different ways students can help. An example would be cooking.

Clanessa Dumas, 16, said what she did during Thanksgiving was, “I cooked with my family.”

Many people enjoy celebrating Thanksgiving by sharing their food with others.

Binh Giang, 69, majoring in Chinese, who went to his younger brother’s house, said he celebrated his Thanksgiving by “eating something well” with his brother.

Celebrating holidays is what keeps students entertained.

Next year’s Thanksgiving is Thursday, Nov. 26.