Student parking passes follow up

Fee is not to exceed $50


Madison McNamara, Times Staff

The price of parking passes on campus is not being overlooked, talk about lowering the price.

Students who find themselves having trouble paying for all of the extras on top of tuition may have been excited to hear that there is talk about lowering the cost of parking passes on campus published in the last issue of the City College Times newspaper in May.

Michael Dziuba, one of the police officers, said that there are questions about parking and fees that come up a couple times a year and that the Board of Trustees made the decision to require students to pay a fee for parking. The fee is not to exceed $50 per semester, but there has been no movement to do away with the fee that he knows of.

Dziuba said, the amount of tickets the police station hands out varies a lot depending on the time of the year. They hand out the most tickets during the beginning of the semester when there are more students.
“From July 2018 through today we have issued 2,644 parking citations,” Dziuba said.
Parking fees that are collected go back into providing parking services on campus or for purposes of reducing the costs for students and employees of the college.

“The EVC Promise program (Formerly San Jose Promise), in conjunction with VTA, offers an ECO Pass with funds collected pursuant to this section,” Dziuba said.

He warned that when citations are handed out, they need to be paid within 60 days of receiving it. Otherwise, the DMV will be notified and place a hold on registering your vehicle until the fine is paid. If the fine is still not paid, the Franchise Tax Board will be notified.

“Our parking lots are routinely enforced and parking citations are the majority of all citations,” Dziuba said.

Most of the citations fees handed out are $37, Dziuba said. This includes cars parked on campus with no permit and students parked in the staff parking lot. We are AB503 compliant where you can request a payment plan for low-income students.

Be sure to talk to the financial aid office if you are in need of assistance with paying for your permits!