Hall of excellence awards

The red carpet


Jerrald McMillon, Times Staff

The vibes were wonderful. The spring election was a success. Congratulations to all the winners!

Anai Avelino – President

Amanda Ross – Vice President of Marketing

Breyana Parker – Chief Justice

Joel Reyes – Chief Justice

Michael Maker – Student Trustee

Jazmin Chavez – Director of Communications

Renne Hom – Director of Student Resources

Ana Guadarrama – Director of Student Engagement


It was an honor to walk the red carpet with amazing students and staff. Media Club was awarded for organizational club of the year! In addition, ASG member Bryan Rapp won award for Media Club member of the year! Students and staff of SJCC acknowledged and recognized our new elections in the spring semester for their achievements and contributions to the college community. People were dressed in formal glamorous attire.

The Hall of Excellence was presented by The Associate Student Government and it was hosted by Brian Pham and Mina Alsadoon on May 8, inside the main gym of SJCC. Dinner was served to the students while staff and faculty prepared for the Ceremony.

ASG President Joseph Heading, behind the screen of a robotic device, surveyed the entire hall of excellence.

Family and friends arrived, the tables were full of food like chicken sandwiches, mixed salad, mixed fruit, soda, water bottles and more. A music band did performed too. It was exiting! Students, staff and friends took nice pictures in a photo booth.

“The food was healthy, tasty and delicious, because everybody that was eating everything was in the same place. The decorations looked nice and it was good that everyone took the time of the day to be recognized. Looking into someone’s story is really good and the art performance was great. Mina gave a great speech. Congratulations on her acceptance to Stanford University.” Said ASG member and SJCC student Rey Blanco, 36.