Don’t express yourself in the bathroom

Your artwork sucks


Alan Williams, Times Staff

To those of you out there who feel as if you need to show off your artwork to the world, you could at least put it out in the open so we can appreciate it without having to take a trip to the restroom.

The first time I went into an SJCC restroom I was speechless. I called up my buddy Julian Reyes, a City College Times editor, and I told him to head over to the bathroom because we had just hit the journalism jackpot; the anonymous street artist, Banksy, had just visited our campus!

Reyes got down there quick because once I hung up the phone he was right there next to me inspecting the Banksy. He told me that this must have been done in the past 10 minutes because the paint was still wet and fresh. This guy was like Sherlock Holmes because after telling me that, he had found another Banksy inside one of the stalls.

“Why would a world famous person such as Banksy come to our campus and leave a mural in one of our bathrooms?” I asked.

“First of all, Alan, this isn’t a Banksy,” Reyes said.

“What makes you say that? It looks like a Banksy to me,” I said.

“Well … it sucks. That’s why,” Reyes replied.

Please do not leave ugly artwork out in the open for others to see. San Jose City College custodians play an important role in keeping the campus clean and beautiful for staff and students alike. Our custodians do not need that.