Support programs at San Jose City College

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Alan Williams, Times Staff

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San Jose City College offers support programs online to students struggling financially, academically or socially.

The SJCC Opportunity Youth Partnerships offers aid through different programs such as: the Extended Opportunity Program and Services, Cooperative Agencies Re- sources for Education, CalWORKs, Guardian Scholar, Foster Youth Success Initiative, Advocacy Leadership for Immigrant Access Support and Services, Puente, Umoja and the Student Accessibility Services.

“I’ve heard of such pro- grams, and if they help students succeed that’s great.” Carlos Lopez, a 21-year-old engineering student at SJCC said. “I think I would be interested in learning more about the programs that SJCC has to offer.”

When asked about SJCC resources offered to students, Bagher, a 65-year-old physics student at SJCC said, “I did not know that SJCC had support programs.” However, Bagher does know the work study program. When told that programs such as EOPS give financial aid, Bagher said, “I applied for financial aid but didn’t know about EOPS. I applied online for FAFSA.” Bagher was unsure about whether or not he would use these programs in the future.

These programs are for students who are in need of assistance because they provide support to SJCC students that are parents, foster youth, homeless, immigrants, DACA recipients, African Americans, veterans and students with disabilities.

Many of these programs offer help with financial aid, book vouchers, food vouchers, childcare, housing assistance, counseling, mentoring, cultural events, and equipment loans. To get more information about these support programs go on- line and check out http://www. support-programs or visit the Student Center then ask the councilors if you are eligible for these support programs.