Ask Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill, Times Staff

Dear jack and jill,

I have a big problem. Maybe you can help. I want to kill my boyfriend. Ok, no, wait. I’m kidding. I don’t want to kill anybody. He’s a good guy. But the way he acts sometimes gets on my nerves. He goes out without me and I don’t know where he is or what he is doing until a day or two later. Yesterday i looked through his computer and found messages to a woman he says he is just a friend. They flirty messages. We broke up but I might let him back. Should I give him another chance? I also don’t like how he treats his dogs. Well, anyway, should I make sure he stays dumped or let him back? I love him but he has to change.

Dear Adrienna,

Thank you for your submission. I think you should not give him another chance, and that you should remain broken up.

I think it sounds pretty sketchy that you found those risqué messages to

another woman on his computer, and that he’ll go out of way to not contact you for a couple days at a time.

But, what were you doing on his computer? From what you shared, it seemed that you were insecure in the relationship and you did not seem entirely trusting. Trust and communication are important to maintain throughout any relationship.

Do something nice for yourself. Find a guy that treats dogs better, perhaps one that also shares similar views regarding cheating and consumption of adult content. Sincerely,


So, you two should stay apart. In your question you seem to have more negative than positive.

You should never stay with someone unless you truly love and enjoy their company. It’s not worth it.

Find someone who is nice to dogs, as my momma always says, “If they don’t like dogs, something is wrong with them.”