Need scholarship help? Look no further











The ongoing search to find scholarships on San Jose City College’s campus seems to be the work of an independent person. Since there is no direct guide of where scholarships could be found on campus it can be a confusing search. Around this time students are starting to transfer, and trying to find ways to save money.

The best place to get the information about scholarships on campus is to go to the Financial Aid Office, and if you need to speak to someone directly, ask for Patricia. She will be able to help you since works on the scholarship information on campus and could help you with the process of the scholarship. As well as going to the SJCC scholarship website. There you can get the dates, and different types of scholarships that are out here. Some of the scholarships that are on the website right now are the Blue & Gold opportunity plan scholarship, AAW San Jose Scholarship that is offering up to $1,500-5,000 and the Jim McEntee Legacy Scholarship. That gives 2,000

for Santa Clara County community college students transferring to a four- year with junior year status.

As well as the website and postings around campus the Financial Aid Office tries to push for the recruitment and advertisement in different ways to get the scholarships applicants.

Patricia said that,“they may try to send out text through a program to help incoming freshmen or people that just have no idea about scholarships.”

She also expressed that finding scholarships could be a independent search but that the Financial Aid Office is here to help.

When asked, former student Fantasia said about her thoughts about scholarships, and how she feels they are being shown on campus.

She said “ I feel like I don’t know where to find scholarships, nor do I feel like I have any resources or knowledge to get any of them even though I am a woman and minority.”

When asked if better advertisement Fantasia Romero agreed. Asked if Fantasia Romero has tried to find scholarships on her own she says, “I have but I think it was a scam just to get my email and phone number because now I get a lot of spam.”

In trying to see if other places on campus in- stead of just the Financial Aid Office the Student Transfer Center seemed like a good place to go. Although when asking about scholarships the students referred the Finical Aid Office.

When asked how many people come to the transfer center to get help with scholarships Jim- my said “that about 2 percent of the time student come in asking for help with scholarships.”

Then asked why he thinks that is so. Jimmy states “If they want a scholarship they will work hard to find one”. Now, Jimmy is coming a former of a SJCC alum and a former student of San Jose State University he expresses, “that even at a state college finding scholarships is an independent thing.”

Now scholarships seems to be a something that requires search so just keep an eye out for the postings around campus and on the SJCC website.