Students judge the Times

Kevin Prim, Times Staff

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The San Jose City College Times is run by the students on campus creating and finding stories that relate to the school through print and online media.

Students work in an environment where it doesn’t feel like a class but as a professional job in journalism. They make the choices themselves from creating pages for the newspaper to deciding which is the best story, which format to use in production, which pictures are best and learning through every piece of work they produce. This semester The Times asked to hear what students thought about the City College Times to see where our weak points were and see if we can move on ward toward the future and improve. Some said that the paper was really great on identifying some of the problems.

A student, Rachel Pinal communication major said “Some of the stories this semester brought more light into the school.” We also heard, students didn’t know we had a paper or didn’t know where to get them. Hopefully next semester we can improve on spreading the paper not only through print media but also social media.

“I didn’t know about the paper until you told me about it.” said Ivete Camila. Overall, from the multiple interviews students and staff were either uninformed or informed about the paper and it’s a balance but hope to get more people involved with the paper to inform others what’s going on on San Jose City College Campus.

The City College Times is doing its best to cover whatever is going on campus and anything related to it. But remember we’re students and we do have busy schedules but we take the time to adjust and adapt to any new situation that comes toward us, taking it and learning from our mistakes and seeking improvement.