Clinton rallies Democrats in stop at SJSU

Analicia Najera

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[media-credit id=18 align=”alignnone” width=”400″]Clinton rallies Democrats in stop at SJSU[/media-credit]

Bill Clinton makes an appearance in San Jose alongside Jerry Brown, who once competed against Clinton for the Democrats’ presidential nomination.

Thousands attended in support and involvement for the Vote 2010 California Democratic rally at the San Jose State University Event Center on Oct. 17.

Former president Bill Clinton campaigned for gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown and San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, who are running for governor and lieutenant governor, respectively.

Clinton spoke first about Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman’s plan to withdraw the capital-gains tax in California. He told the crowd that this proposal would benefit only the wealthy.

“We were raised to believe if you were fortunate, you were supposed to give back to your community,” Clinton said about himself and Brown.

Clinton referred back to Brown’s past achievements, complimented his values and criticized his candidate’s opponents.

“Your future will be brightened, unless you stay home and the other party wins the Congress,” Clinton said.

Then Clinton encouraged the spirited audience, mostly made up of students, to tweet, use Facebook and e-mail their friends to vote Democratic on Nov. 2.

Newsom told the crowd how important their vote will change the activity done on Capitol Hill in order to fix the economy.

Brown talked first about the significant difference between him and his Republican opponent, Whitman, by comparing her political experience to a blank resume.

“She wants to start at the top,” Brown said. “Well, if you went in to any business in America and said ‘here’s my resume, it’s blank,’ they wouldn’t even hire you.”

He then called her out on her $170 million campaign spending. In which he said that nobody has spent so much to run for governor in American history.

This isn’t the first time Brown is a gubernatorial nominee. He has experience as the 34th Governor of California when elected from 1975-1983 and is a former Oakland mayor.