Reject intolerance, discrimination


Exercise empathy, respect, celebrate differences



War, famine, poverty and corruption
permeate our society like
a virus. We spread violence to
others, in turn create more conflict
and strife.
We endlessly hunger for more
until we take more than we need.
The faith we have is our only
moral code, but it will slowly
erode until we are left with a hollow
sense of self-worth.
Blind optimism keeps us from
confronting deeper problems and
exploring lasting solutions.
The media distracts us from
focusing on the bigger problems,
instead shifting our focus on other
topics until we lose sight of the
big picture.
I envision a future where justice
truly is blind, where people
are innocent until proven guilty
beyond a reasonable doubt. Today
the justice system serves only
those who can afford a good attorney,
the guilty are set free and
the innocent accept blame without
proper representation.
The fact that the minority and
poor populations are being convicted
and incarcerated at a very
high rate is proof that justice is
not blind. This country’s judicial
system is too young to be perfect
and it’s been proven to be unjust
by a large margin.
While we are not born under
equal circumstances, we all are
human and we must have equal
rights to strive for equal opportunities.
My ideal future includes a
nation that values equality; where
we all share the same rights, resources,
education and chance in
the pursuit of happiness.
I envision a future where freedom
is universal and not trumped
by borders, religion, income, education
or genetics, where morals
and ethics are valued rather than
wealth and celebrity.
I hope for a future where education
is valued as a right, not a
privilege; a right and necessity
rather than an entitlement provided
to only those born to the right
families. Education provides people
with the ability to be self-sustaining,
creates self-worth and
bolsters the economy.
Financial security serves to
strengthen families and communities,
while reducing crime and
My future world would incentive
employment and education,
rather than punish and isolate disadvantaged
We need to promote an open
discussion as to where our country
is headed, to prevent the nation
from slipping into a regressive
stance on polices that bind
our thoughts.
To allow fear and anger to
blind us in the face of adversity,
keeps us from making rational
decisions. We must encourage
and appreciate our differences,
learn from the experience of our
neighbor and reject intolerance
and discrimination.