Who killed the woman?

Maggie Zou, Times Staff

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Mrs. Kinsley, 35 years old, was found out died in her own bathroom. Forensics found poison trace in her body. Now they are trying to find out who killed her. Local PD gathered some information:

  1. She recently divorced her husband, Steven, now he moved out their luxury townhouse.
  2. Her dad dies many years ago and his heritage was divided into three parts. Her sister Mary and her mom named Kim and her each got $150,000,000.
  3. Her mom gambled a lot and had an heart attack two month ago.
  4. Her ex-husband ,Steve, was seeing someone.
  5. Mary was seeing kissing a young man at her mother’s funeral.
  6. Kinsley had a boyfriend named Joe.
  7. Daniel was a very close friend of Mrs. Kinsley. People say they used to cheat on Steve.
  8. Daniels car was seen parked out of Mrs. Kinsley’s house.
  9. Mary is visiting a handsome psychiatrist, because she is a crazy romanticism.
  10. Joe works at a medicine company.
  11. Kinsley had a dog.
  12. Steve wanted to get back with Mrs.Kinsley.
  13. Steve’s car was seen parked at Mrs. Kinsley’s house two hours before Daniel came.

Who do you think killed Mrs. Kinsley?


The killer is Mary, Mrs. Kinsley’s sister. Mary is a crazy romanticism. She kissed a young man and did not know his information. In order to meet the man again, she killed her sister to see whether he would show up.