Do’s and don’ts first year on campus

Guidance for new arriving students

Rabih Chahine, Times Staff

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The goal of this article will be to inform students on what to do and what not to do during your first year at San Jose City College. When I started SJCC I had no idea what I was doing. It took me three years on campus to learn all the tips and tricks below. Free services like health benefits and tutoring guidance’s should be known to all students.


Make an educational plan
When starting City College it is important to focus on a major that fits who you are. Make an appointment with a counselor on the second floor of the Student Center. Counselors will make an educational plan that will guide one toward what classes you need to take.

Know your campus

The Student Center
Is the hub of the campus. On first floor you will find the front desk. You will find helpful information on any of your questions. Do not forget to make an ID card at the front desk this will be used for every service on campus.

Max Sianez 26, majoring in civil engineering had his share of confusion with where to go and who to talk to during his years at SJCC. Sianez stated that “The best advice if you are lost or confused will be to ask questions. Never feel embarrass to ask for help,’ Sianez said.

Health Center
Is a service you already pay for push the handicap button to open the door and check the available hours chart near that button to see when the nurse will be there.

Library first floor
Inside you will see computers all around but you will need an ID card to use one and to add money to print out. At 10 cents a page it is a great way to print anything, however you can’t print in color.

Tutoring center
n the back of the first floor you will find the writing center and math center. Both are a great place for students to seek out help with their homework.

Alexis Forchette who is majoring in hospitality management shared her experiences about the tutoring center. “I was so grateful that there is a place for free on campus to get extra help on your math homework or writing assignment,” Forchette said. 

Library second and third floor
On the second floor you can rent out books and relax in a quiet area. You can rent out a study room for free on the third floor but you will need to fill out a form and have one other person to rent out a private room with classmates. This is a great way to get your work done with classmates.

Sign up for clubs
One of my mistakes was not signing up for a club. There is a club for everyone. Joining a club is a great way to help gain experience for scholarships. All while making a lasting impact on your community.

Get your haircut on campus
At a low price rating any student can get there haircut and styling done at the cosmetology building by making a appointment with the front desk. 

One of the instructors at the cosmetology buildings Susan Zagar wanted students to know that there are more available services for students then just haircuts and coloring. “Students can take a tour form 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Wednesday through Friday to get to know what is here and who is here.” 

Sign up for the journalism class
The school newspaper is written and designed by students who enjoy expressing their first amendment right. The class allows for students to gain the experiences needed for scholarships.

Think about scholarships
You can cover the cost of all your schooling
simply keeping your grades up to at least a 3.0 grade point average and helping out professors. Some of the better scholarships require a high GPA and a recommendation letter.  

Do not’s 

Take class with your friends
This will distract you and your focus will revolve around impressing them. Unless the class is on both your education plan you can consider it. You know your friends best you should think carefully on this.

Walk in late and loud Nothing is more distracting than a student walking in loud when the professor is speaking. Be respectful.

Eat loud or smelly things This is so distracting to everyone and no one wants to know what you are having for lunch. Don’t take random class You can remake lost dollars but time is not replaceable. Know what you want and have an education plan.

Talk side bars during class No student wants to be that one to shush another student. Keep the conversation for your free time.