Students voice their concerns at ‘Dream Forum’

Amarah Enkil

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[media-credit id=18 align=”alignnone” width=”400″]Students voice their concerns at ‘Dream Forum’[/media-credit]

The San Jose City College M.E.Ch.A club assembled outside of the METAS Center at SJCC on Nov. 9 to promote awareness for the California Dream Act.

Help is coming for San Jose City and Evergreen College. A public meeting was held Oct. 28 in the Student Center to discuss the goals and plans of the new Dream Forum.

The Dream Forum is a new body that has been created with its hopes set on the achievment and success of SJCC and Evergreen students.

SJECCD Chancellor, Rita Cepeda, said, “Students are my passion.”

Time was spent finding out what exactly students are having trouble with and what challenges, obstacles they are coping with but would like to overcome as well as, what programs are in place that are helping students and working well are zeroed in on and advanced.

Every semester students complain about the obstacles they encounter with classes, teachers, tutors and financial aid. The glitches in the learning system make it hard for them to achieve their dreams.

The most common complaints that have been expressed are those with English/Math and financial aid.

Those receiving assistance from financial aid voiced their expectations that the checks come in on time to pay for the classes they’re taking, unfortunately, checks are coming too late, even after the class has ended.

Adjusting to the school life again can be tough especially if you are depending on a check that isn’t coming in on time. After jumping back into the learning pool, from however high, students can’t be expected to perform academic summersaults and backflips with ease, but many feel they are. English 335 was present at the meeting and they were asked to talk about the hardships or problems they experience, the faculty listened and everything was discussed.

SJCC has not been left in the dark without a light as it may seem. A representative from the University of Texas and a coach from SJCC stated, “Trying to step up the efforts of SJCC and Evergreen helps everyone succeed.”