King K Says: How to meet people


The key to meeting new people is to attend classes, social events, meetings or any activity where people are. The most common lasting friendships people have are school or work friends. These are places where you spend a majority of your time making friendships. It is usually easier since you share something in common.

Making friends in class is simple beneficial. The right friend can boost your academia. When you are in class turn to the person next to you, introduce yourself and ask him or her about something going on in class. This dialogue breaks the ice and gets both acquainted with each other. The smart kids in class are the best to ask for help with school work.

Some classes such as dance, journalism, photography, broadcasting, physical education and many more are heavy on teamwork, so interaction with other students in these classes are a guarantee. It is important to find to find a good group of friends in class.

There are also different clubs and organizations on campus that provide the opportunity to meet a variety of people who share in the same interests. Join a club that interests you and take an active role in it. People are attracted to people of power who show an ambitious drive.

The best technique anyone could use to meet someone is to go up and talk. Randomly approaching someone may seem awkward and creepy, but it’s how you break the ice that matters. Best ways to break the ice is by using a cheesy joke. “Excuse me do you know how much a polar bear weighs, enough to break the ice”

“I don’t really go up to people,” said Rebecca Lopez 18,math major I kind of look and when they look at me I look away.”

When meeting someone we often speak without really knowing what to say. Sometimes talking to strangers often ends in that strange bewildered look or an awkward silence we all know too well. Don’t run away, stand your ground and try to be clear what you meant.

Dance professor Holly Brosius recalls her time as a community college student when she was in school she thought a fellow student was deaf. When they finally were put together in a project she awkwardly found out she was not, and through that interaction they became friends. “To this day we are still friends. She was in my wedding” Brosius said.

Don’t be afraid to allow people to see the real you, because when it comes to lasting friendships, it only works if both parties can be open.