Bus passes, all talk , no action

The one thing that students have longed for and that seemed like it was never going to happen, might actually happen.

For years, students of San Jose City College have wished for a VTA bus pass similar to that of San Jose State and De Anza Community College. Both of these schools have passes that allow students to ride VTA public transportation for free.

The biggest impact the bus pass would have would be on students’ wallets. If a student simply takes one bus to school and home every school day, then they are spending close to an extra $1,000 in a year. Most students must take more than a bus a day so imagine how much money would be saved by students that could to things such as books, rent and other college struggles.

Not only would these passes save students money, though it would save somebody a lot of money, but there are also many other benefits that a bus pass would allow students to take advantage of.

Another benefit is students would be able to get from place to place throughout San Jose. The pass would allow students who rely on public transportation to get to work to no longer worry about paying out of pocket for transportation. It would also encourage those who drive to consider taking the bus to save gas money since the bus would be a free trip.

Students would also be encouraged to go out and participate in social events around town. Students wouldn’t have to stress about finding a way across town to go to that event that will get them extra credit for class.

The VTA bus passes have been talked about for years but there is reason to hope. Let’s hope the dream of many students who struggle with public transportation will finally come true soon.