Ready to get loked? America’s morality police say no more

Daniel Gonzalez

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The Food and Drug Administration issued a warning to several manufacturers of alcoholic beverages containing caffeine, among those the makers of Four Lokos, that unless they removed the caffeine out of their drinks they would be pulled off the market.

With this recent act they took it a step further by not making just one statement, they made two. What they told us with that, the F.D.A. knows better than us what’s best for us. It’s not like I’m condoning what Four Lokos does, in retrospect they probably are really bad for you, but none of that really matters here and it does not alter the fact of what the F.D.A. did.

We live in the United Sates of America and I was always taught this was land of opportunity, where people have the right to make their own decisions. As far as the F.D.A. is concerned however we no longer have that power, they hold all the cards now.

Now I may or may not be a responsible drinker and if either were the case then I probably shouldn’t be drinking Four Lokos in the first place, so you might even say that the F.D.A.’s done me a favor here with their decision to ban caffeinated alcoholic drinks.

But that’s not whats at issue here, I don’t care if Four Lokos are good for me and I don’t care if they are dangerous, what I do care about though is that before I had a choice.

I had the option to decide for myself whether or not I wanted a Four Lokos, and the F.D.A. took that away from me. It makes you wonder doesn’t it, when will it end? If they can take away something like Four Lokos, then what else can they take?