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You call that Marketing?

Koryen Harper

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Why is San Jose City College comparable to a ghost town when it comes to social activities?

When walking the campus of San Jose City College, you can feel the lack of community and involvement.

“We recognize that there is a lack of presence,” said Elizabeth Eckford, Student Development and Activities program coordinator.

Throughout the campus are bulletin boards located in various buildings, informing people of events, companies hiring, housing rentals and more.

Clubs and organizations depend on their posted fliers of current events to bring awareness of activities, but that does not always produce results.

“I only came for the food, ” said SJCC student Sarah Raven, 20.

Andy Nguyen, Associated Student Government director of activities, said some events that different clubs, organizations and faculty members present lack public interest and require bribes to get people in attendance. Students are attracted into attendance most regularly with the promise of food or class credit, but as soon as the food runs out, so do students.

In the beginning of the semester ASG gives clubs $200 that can be used to generate more revenue, market events and other alternative uses.

Students can learn of events through Internet research and bulletin boards, but if you do not check your emails how would you know of events.

“Cross promotions is great,” said Betsy Gebhart, Broadcasting instructor and Media Club advisor, “it helps to reach a wider base of audience by making contact with more eyes that will see the flier or hear about the event.”

Many students nowadays receive notifications on their phones. Facebook has event invites, fliers and videos that can be posted to Instagram and Snapchat.

Eckford said campus officials are aware of the lack of presence on campus. They are looking to hire someone whose responsibilities would be blasting events to all forms of social media and do visible promotions on campus that would range from posters, tabling and talking to students.

Until San Jose City College can hire someone to promote events, attendance will not be at its best. Although the school helps with promoting, it is not only up to them. To increase attendance, organizations need to reach out to students in person. Tabling is a great way to start a buzz, pass out fliers to students passing by, set up demonstrations and promote constantly on social media sites.

“Up close and personal promoting is the best way,” said Gebhart about the best way to spread awareness.

“If I knew about events,” said Aaron Rodriguez, 19, child development major. ” I would probably show up to a couple.”

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You call that Marketing?