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Dear Jazzy

Esthela Ramirez

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I like to read your advice. You always help people. I hope you can help me. I guess my problem is I’m lonely. I’ll be 20 soon and I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I don’t have a boyfriend. I mean I’ve never had a boyfriend. My mom wouldn’t let me have one until I was 18, but now I still don’t have one. Should I ask guys out? I don’t think I should, but they are not asking me, so maybe I should. I don’t meet very many that I like. My mom says I’m hanging out in the wrong places, but the places she thinks I should go, I’m not interested in going. No way! I might be desperate, but I’m not stupid. I want a cool guy, not the kind of guys she wants me to have.

Sincerely, A Little Lonely


Dear A Little Lonely,

You should be proud of yourself. Even though you are not happy about your mother’s rules, you should still follow them. They are disappointing you, but your mother loves you and only wants the best for your future.

You are a single girl, and I am sure you are beautiful. You probably do not understand what your mother wants for you in a boyfriend. One day you will be appreciative of your mothers worries because mothers always want the best for their children in future.

Also, you mentioned that your mother is not happy about the places you are hanging around and does not approve of your friends. A Little Lonely, you probably showed disrespect by not following rules about where to hang out and meet the right people. You have to learn that communication is important with your family. You should talk with your mother in regards to having a boyfriend. Tell her that you are thankful to have a nice mother who takes care of you and that you will respect her rules. If you follow her rules by attending the right places and hanging around the right crowd, she may be more open with you wanting to date. Tell your mother that she does not need to be worried about you, but you need to prove it to her by respecting the rules. She taught you the basic rules to life, shared her views and you should respect it if you want your mothers trust.

You should also stop being desperate to find a boyfriend because you have the world in your hands. A Little Lonely, you have all the qualities that boys are looking to find in a girl. If you continue your despair, you will find the wrong guys and end up dating somebody who could potentially influence you in negative ways.

A Little Lonely, I suggest working with your self- esteem. You should know that you deserve to have the best; therefore, finding boyfriends who love and respect you is important. I also recommend looking for qualities in future boyfriends, such as them being studious and attending school. Those kinds of boyfriends will provide you with motivation and will be successful in taking care of you. If you do the right things, your mom will be happy as well.

Good luck,


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Dear Jazzy